Monday, February 12, 2007

Cavs-Lakers Highlights

Some highlights from the Cavs-Lakers game

Marshall's outlet to end the first period:

Marshall also had a 4 point play:

Z played some defense and Sasha rewarded the big fella:

I wish the Cavs would run more simple plays like this. Or at least execute them:

Boobie sure can take contact can't he?

LeBron hit another long one, only this one didn't count:

This is a fast break that got Varejao two free throws. Notice how Sasha has the option to give the ball to Snow, but decides pass it up to LeBron (who then finds a cutting Wild Thing):

Slowest. Drive. Ever.

Honestly, anyone who says Z can't pass is a moron. The only passer I've ever seen cut to the hoop after feeding Z is Eric Snow. If that is James or Pavlovic in this situation, it's two points. Move without the ball!

Sasha attacked the rim all game:

This sequence pretty much sealed the game; right before Varejao shoots you can kind of hear the crowd moan, it was much more pronounced in the stands. No one wanted him to shoot that ball.

Andy pulled this out of nowhere:

The exclamation point:


Cactus Chris said...

I thought the key was the Hughes steal on Kobe, and then Sasha getting the bucket and the free throw. I was worried they would call a foul and Kobe would have gone to the line and made his two (I'm pretty sure the Cavs were in the penalty), so it could have gone the cavs lead cut to 1, but instead the lead was increased to 6. Sasha was ridiculous in that game.

Ben said...

Jackson: "come on Eric Snow, you're better than that"

no. no he is not