Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cavs trade talk

There's some rumors going around about a Gooden for Duhon trade. I had 1100 on in my drive home from work last night and Cavs fans were not pleased with this rumor.

Not that I can blame them.

Am I a Drew Gooden fan? Not really, I think he's way too inconsistent and makes too many dumb plays. I wouldn't the Cavs trading him at all, I think Wild Thing and Marshall could hold down the power forward position. The fans calling last night kept saying you don't trade Gooden for a role player, and Gooden is a double-double every night and one even said Gooden should be the third option on the team (I guess over Z or Hughes, your guess is as good as mine).

Ya, Gooden averages a double-double, but that is misleading. Because one game he'll get 18 and 14 and the next game 4 and 6. So he averages a double-double, but he doesn't get it every night.

So, I'm all for trading Gooden, just not for Chris Duhon. Now if we got Ben Gordon in the mix deal (I heard the Bulls were kind of fed up with him) I'd be down for that. Gordon and Duhon for Gooden? Though, the player I really like on the Bulls is Kirk Hinrich, I really hope the Cavs make a run at him when he's a free agent during his and LeBrons walk year. A pass first point guard who can shoot the three? Yes sir.

But Gooden for Duhon is a too much for too little, the Cavs would at LEAST need to get a draft pick out of the deal, if not another player.

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