Monday, February 06, 2006

Streaky Cavs

I've been talking about this all year, when the team shoots, they win, its pretty simple Also a good indicator of a win? When Z is involved; established early and often. If both these things happen, the Cavs usually win.

Brian Windhorst has another good article on the subject today, mostly focusing on the new additions.

The Cavs are 17-4 when Marshall scores his average, 10 points, or more. But he's been very streaky and is shooting just .316 from 3-point range thus far. That's his lowest 3-point percentage and scoring average in eight seasons.

Damon Jones, who got four years and $16 million, shot 43 percent from 3-point range last season and averaged 11.6 points getting open shots for the Heat. The open shots are still there, but the makes aren't as frequent. He's shooting a respectable .357 on 3-pointers right now, but that's his lowest percentage in six seasons.

Like Marshall, when Jones is on, the Cavs are good, 8-3 when he scores 10 points or more. Those nights have also been more rare than anticipated when the contract was extended.

The Cavs are right where they should be right now. They are a team who wins at home and does decent on the road. Last year they were a team that did okay at home and crappy on the road. So they still lose to good teams on the road. Okay, but they can beat them at home, they're young, they're going to be a 4 seed in the East, and they match up well vs Detroit (as opposed to New Jersey).

I think people underestimated how bad the Cavs were when LeBron got there, and are now kind of pissed that they haven't made the playoffs yet. Just remember, they were Gawd Awful. They'll make it this year, no more worries.

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