Monday, February 27, 2006

I rarely get coments

So I'll respond. (the comment: "apparently you've never heard of kobe bryant or elton brand")

My point was and still is, that the NBA promotes big market teams with stars over better, smaller market teams.

Yes, the Lakers have Kobe and the Clippers have Elton Brand (who is great, but I wouldn't say a star), but my point was that ESPN showed 4 teams from a total of two cities. If you don't live on either of those coasts.... have fun!

(and I did say that I gave ESPN a pass on the Lakers-Clippers game cause it was the only late game, but it still doesn't excuse showing the Knicks)

When I turn on ABC or ESPN I see a lot of big market shitty teams, the Celtics, the Lakers, the Sixers, the Rockets and the Knicks. All of these teams have some great individual players (Pierce, Kobe, Iverson, McGrady/Yao and Francis/Marbury) but the teams are mediocre.

There are some great young teams who you rarely see on TV, the Bucks, the Grizzlies, the Nets get some TV time, the Hornets (and maybe if you showed Chris Paul, he'd be star). Add those teams to a regular rotation of the Spurs and Pistons (who both get a decent amount of time), the Cavaliers, the Mavericks, the Heat and the Nets. Those are good-great teams, most young. But they aren't in the power markets; you're New Yorks, Bostons, Phillys or Los Angeles. And those cities happen to have great players, but notso great teams.

I guess my point is this: if you want to build and expand the NBA watching audience, I'm not sure having the Knicks and the Lakers on all the time is the best way to do it.

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