Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Steelers stuff

My brother has an idea why I tried to root for the Steelers yesterday but then couldn't:

i think i know why you started rooting against the steelers. cuz for a day, they were made out to be the lakers of the NFL everything was the steelers, i didn't care who won, until i started seeing commercials of only steelers players talking and holding the trophy and they didn't show one with a seahawk in it until halftime, and it was a combination of both teams

This makes perfect sense to me, and I'm suprised I didn't think of it earlier (though it may just be physically impossible for me to root for Pittsburgh or Michigan). Ever since I was a kid, I always rooted against the team that the network featured, mostly because when I was growing up, the Cavs always faced the Bulls in the playoffs and lost.

And if you watched those broadcasts, it was the Michael Jordan show, with Scottie Pippen supporting and they played other teams. Even though the series were competetive, all anyone could talk about was the Bulls. And this happens with the Yankees, Red Sox, Lakers and most big market teams.

That could be it, it really was Pittsburgh week. Bettis was the main story, the Steeler players were out at the Pistons games and all this stuff. Even though Seattle had the NFL MVP (who didn't do shit) and a Superbowl winning coach (who coached like shit), you never heard anything about them (due to their performance, was it justified.....?)

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