Wednesday, February 15, 2006

OSU Fired O'Brien Improperly

Now, if this was a real world situation, I could see that. But sports teams fire coaches for any number of reasons, poor play, poor conduct by players or we have a chance to get Larry Brown.

I was unaware that coaches could dispute their firings in court. O'Brien screwed up by giving money to a player, so OSU fired him. Maybe they were also sick of his teams play, I dunno. But so far it looks like it has worked out for OSU.

Kinda like when the Pistons fired Carlise for Brown. Carlise wasn't that bad, he had two 50 win years. But the Pistsons got Larry Brown, who they thought was better than Carlise, so did it matter how Carlise left? They wanted him replaced, so they replaced him.

Maybe I'm comparing apples to oranges here, but it seems to me O'Brien did something wrong, and OSU decided to fire him. Even though what he did wrong wasn't all 'that bad'. I dunno, it sounds justified to me.

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