Friday, February 10, 2006

Rookie Report 06

ESPN looks at some rookies who could shine in '06:
3B Andy Marte, Indians (22): While the Indians are as much in love with Aaron Boone as is possible for a power-position player with a .677 OPS, the club will find it perilously difficult not to give the hot corner job to Marte when Boone struggles again in 2006. (Boone's OPS in the second half was only .730, so forgiving Boone's wretched first half doesn't make him look much better.) Marte is a sterling defender with good bat speed and excellent plate discipline; the right-handed hitter's limp 2005 debut in Atlanta in 66 plate appearances was probably just a fluke. The only way Marte isn't going to be starting every day in Cleveland by June is if the Indians put Casey Blake back at third to give Brad Snyder a shot.

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