Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tom Friend is a Whiny Bitch

He is really really offended that LeBron isn't in the dunk contest:
He has Michael's ad agency, Michael's 23 and Michael's throne. So what's
wrong with Michael's dunk contest?
LeBron James is copping out again, copping
out on his responsibility as face (or co-face) of the league. The dunk contest
wasn't beneath a young MJ, and it wasn't beneath a young Kobe, but LeBron won't
risk it. Just like he won't risk a last-second shot. It's getting old.

I'm getting really sick of this last second shot business. Lets recap: On a West Coast road trip LeBron missed a few clutch jumpers and in the next few games, he passed it off.

So LeBron has no marbles. Fine. Whatever. Again, like Magic and Bird said, you have to learn to win. Most guys learned in college. Kobe failed in the playoffs before he won.

Maybe this is the eventual backlash for all of LeBrons hype, I dunno. But Friend seems really really pissed that LeBron is putting himself out there vs Josh Smith and Nate Robinson. Why should he? What for? If he wins, well, he beat Josh Smith and Nate Robinson. But if he loses? Oh my god THE LEBRON JAMES lost to some guys named Josh Smith and Nate Robinson.

Also, a young LeBron was drafted number 1, a young Kobe was what, 13? The point is, LeBron would've been the most famous guy out there from the get go. As for Jordan, he was facing another super star. If the NBA actually got McGrady, Kobe, Wade and Carter out there... I'm pretty sure LeBron would be dunkin.

Friend doesn't care that it's LeBron and scrubs, its his duty to dunk:

He has no memorable buzzer beater, no signature pressure moment, and, at
the tail of close games recently, he has clanked free throws or passed to a
surrounded, frightened Aleksandar Pavlovic. MJ only passed if Wennington was all
alone for a game-winning layup or if Paxson was wide open for a title-winning
jumper. Otherwise, the shot was going up, hell or high water. But LeBron, who
seems to have a nervous tic, gets a free ride from the public. Gets to act like
a 10-year vet. Gets to skip dunk contests, no questions asked.
He can't have
it both ways. He can't have a Nike miniseries, then opt for the skills
competition. He's only 21. He needs to pay his dues like the rest of 'em. It's
his duty to dunk.

Whatever. Like I said, I would love to see the Dunk Contest matter. That would be great. But no one of importance goes anymore. No matter what he 'earned' after he scored 25 points in his first game ever, LeBron has been a superstar. And no superstars are in the Dunk Contest.

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