Monday, February 06, 2006

I tried

I tried to root for the Steelers, I really did. It's like when Michigan is in a bowl game, and I'm like "I'll root for the Big Ten team"

And then I watch the game. "Fucking Michigan!" "I hate blue!"

Well, same shit happened tonight.

I thought I could root for the 'Burgh. But no. Once the game started I was all about Seattle.

Anyway, good game over all, although, here are some thoughts:

I thought the "horse collar" tackle was illegal

Was Mathew Lillard in the stands?

Bettis didn't do much of anything all game. After that entire build up, he was pretty much a non factor

The play of the game was Ben's 3 and 28 heave to Hines Ward (that set up the Roethlisberger one inch touchdown- which I think didn't make it, but was un-overtunable)

2nd most important play? Willie Parkers little run

Both QBs threw costly interceptions, like really really costly

Favorite commerical? Magic Beer Fridge

What was up with Seattles end of half and end of game play calling? 5 yard outs? 6 yards over the middle

Overall, a fun game to watch, though it would've been better with a major market team to stir up some interest....

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