Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kenyon to the Cavs?

Chad Forde has a rumor that has the Cavs trading Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes and Damon Jones to the Nuggets for Kenyon Martin, Andre Miller and Voshon Lenard.

This is probably a made up rumor with no basis in fact, however I kinda like the deal.

The Cavs would be getting a point guard and a power forward who can play both ends of the floor. Martin especially would give the Cavs a nice defensive mentality. Hughes would be missed, but he hasn't done much here anyways. So their starting 5 could be Miller, Pavlovic, James, Martin and Z. Imagine having Varejao come off the bench to play the 4 and move James to 2 and Martin to 3. Try scoring on that big lineup.

The problem I have with the deal is the long term salaries. Jones is a bad signing, but he's only got 3 years, Hughes has got 4 left and Gooden is a FA after the year. Martin has 5 years remaining, Miller has four while Lenard is gone after the year. I just worry that a trade like this could really hamper the Cavs ability to have future moves or signings.

Also, I'm not ready to give up on Hughes yet. True, who knows when he'll b healthy and who knows when if he'll really mesh, but less than a full season (which he's missed half of) I think is a bit early to be trading him. As for Gooden, I like him, I think some Cavs fans overrate him, but I think he fits this team well. I think the Cavs should hold onto him and let him walk after this season, like they did with Ricky Davis and the Clippers did with Elton Brand. Since other teams can't sign him to as big of a deal as the Cavaliers can, let some team sign Drew, and then match the offer. That way he has a nice team friendly deal, while still on the Cavs.

Also, ESPN.com has a trade generator thingy which is kinda fun to play with. It let me trade Gooden, Jones and Hughes to Minnesota for KG and I also learned that Kirk Hinrich is a free agent after this season (I want him in a Cleveland uniform before too long).

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