Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Francis to the Knicks

Does anyone think this is a good deal for the Knicks? Anyone? First off, the Knicks traded two guys who contracts come off the books after the season for a guy who has 4 years and $49 million left. Why? Does anyone think Marbury and Francis can co-exist? Anyone?

Also, how many shoot first point guards are needed on a winning team. Because, from what I can tell, history shows us that if you want to win a championship, having exactly 0 shoot first point guards is a good way to go. From my count, the Knicks now have 4.

Well done.

The Magic cleaned up with the deal, they now have two max contracts coming off the books after the season (Hill and Hardaway). Now they have one great young big man, one great questionable young big man and a ton of capspace.

Also, there's this little tidbit in the trade article:
Thomas has been given the go-ahead by owner James Dolan of Cablevision to spend whatever it takes in an effort at making Madison Square Garden the basketball mecca it once was.

When is the last time that the Knicks were one of basketballs elite teams? The lockout year the Knicks made the finals and lost. But that was an 8 seed, not exactly tearing it up. And the Knicks of the mid 90s almost killed basketball as we know it. Thug ball, slow down, walk it up, ugly, ugly basketball.

I'm just saying that Madison Square Garden hasn't been a "basketball mecca" since I've been following basketball, which was the 91-92 season.

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