Friday, April 28, 2006

Ben Broussard

I was at last nights game and I saw the wonder that is Ben Broussard.

Last night he had 8 RBI, 4 of them coming on a grand slam in the first (I swear to God I heard a woman in her 30-40s, decked out in Tribe gear say "wait, 4 runs, whats a grand slam").

Broussard is a Drew Gooden-esque baseball player. He keeps showing these signs that he can be really good and then he'll taper off. Broussard has hit some big grand slams over the years (in late season playoff run situations). He also disapears for weeks at a time (as Gooden does for quarters). So right when I get sick of Broussard, he nails a big home run, so I (and the Indians) give him another chance.

Same with Gooden, he'll play uninspired ball for a game or two, then come out and grab 20 boards. "Hooray!" I say, "Look how good Gooden is." Then a night later he has 5 points and 4 boards. Ugh.

But Broussard did kick ass last night, it's nice to get a series from the Red Sox, especially after sucking ass vesus Baltimore and Kansas City.

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