Thursday, April 20, 2006

Six Feet Under

One of my goals (if you can really call them goals) for my time off was to catch up on TV series I've missed out on. I've never had HBO so I've never seen Six Feet Under or the Sopranos. So I hit up the Hudson Library and found some of the HBO DVDs.

I had really wanted to watch the Sopranos (from what I hear that's the best) but I found the complete first seasons of Carnivale and Deadwood and the first two of Six Feet Under.

I started off with Six Feet Under, and I enjoyed them. I thought the show was extremely well done and well written, I didn't love it like I love Rescue Me or The Shield, but I liked it enough to want to keep going.

As for Deadwood and Carnivale... I tried but couldn't get into Deadwood and I never even put in a Carnivale DVD.

Anyways, I ended either borrowing from the library or renting from Mamoth the 3-5 seasons of Six Feet Under, and I'm glad I did. There are some really rough and real scenes in this show. Six Feet Under felt more 'real' to me than more shows I've seen. Characters make bad mistakes, they make them again, bad things happen, good things happen, people settle, people grow, there's swearing and drug use and violence and nudity, life is unfair, life is good and happy and sad. It felt like the show was a hidden camera into these peoples lives, for better and worse.

Seeing these characters grow and live was a treat for me. The story arc of the entire series was fantastic. The final episode, especially the final 15 minutes, packs a emotional punch I haven't felt from a fictional story since... ever?

I had to watch the last 15 minutes a few times.... the sense of completion I felt, the happiness... I dunno, I'll steal a line from the Sports Guy here, but it gets really dusty in my house during those last 15 minutes. That is by far the best ending for a series I've ever seen. Usually the final episode for a series is underwhelming or sappy and they just parade all the characters back out there one last time. Six Feet Under showed us how the characters grew, lived and died. It was extremely gratifiying. I highly recomend this series, take the time to rent/borrow it and invest yourself. I'm glad I did.

On a completely unrelated note, I'll be in Columbus this weekend, lets hang out.

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