Saturday, April 29, 2006

Weekend of Awesome

So this weekend I get to deal with:

2 Cavalier playoff games

3 Indians games

27 hours of NFL draft goodness

8? 9? Non-Cavalier playoff games.

Needless to say, I am useless this entire 3 day stretch.

Okay, so let's talk about last night:

The Cavs stole one from Washington. Make no mistake about it, the Wizards played better, the Cavs didn't really deserve that one, but they got it anyway. A lot of people are going to mention how LeBron may have taken 3 steps on his final shot, the ESPN halftime crew mentioned it (but not Terry Pluto, Tom Reed, Bill Livingston or Brian Windhorst).

(LeBron walked, I re-watched the play roughly 54410514313 times, he walked)

But ya know what? He was also fouled pretty damn hard too. No call there. Arenas had a walk-non-call earlier in the game, so I think the refs were bad all around. It wasn't called all night, and there is no way the refs call a travel there after LeBron got nailed. It just wasn't going to happen.

Other thoughts from the game:

Drew Gooden pulled a Drew Gooden. I hate to say I told ya, but told ya. Gooden wasn't anywhere close to being involved last night. Stephen A Smith seemed shocked by this at halftime; he kept screaming about how the Cavs needed something from Gooden to win. Well, guess not. Gooden sat down in the third quarter and returned for about 3 seconds, when Michael Ruffin scored a tip-in rebound while Gooden was trying to sneak out for a break. I've said it once and I'll say it again, Gooden is not the long term answer at power forward. Do I know how is? No. But I would like a 25 year old Charles Oakley (hey, if Roger Brown says the Cavs need a Ben Wallace type center instead of Z, I'll throw out my dream roster moves out there too).

Flip Murray still sucked. Though he did get the easier/biggest steal of his career. They literally threw the ball right at him. It was great.

Z was involved. Okay, he still didn't shoot great, but he was better than he was in game 2. Also, just by force feeding him the ball, you make the Wizards pay attention to him, and that means just a bit less is paid to LeBron.

The Bench Sucked. That's all I got to say about that. Well, not really... I wouldn't mind seeing more Damon Jones and less Flip.

Bob Wickman is the Indians all time saves leader.

The Tribe won last night 6-5 and Wickman pulled a Wickman. I was watching the game with my parents (with Tivo we paused the Cavs game and watched the 9th for the Tribe- bitchin technology) . While my mom was freaking out at Wickman (and the Cavs game) my Dad and I just sat there perfectly calm. Wickman started off the ninth with a double. Then proceeded to give up another double. One run scores and the tying run is at second with nobody out.

And I wasn't remotely fazed. I've been seeing Wickman pull this shit for years now and I joked he has them right where he wants them. It was almost like a 2 run lead was too easy and went in and spotted the Rangers a run and a runner in scoring position. Almost as if he needed to get his blood going.

Well, he worked his way out of it. The next batter grounded to second; runner to third. He got the next guy out on a shallow pop up to right, where the Mighty Casey threw a strike to Victor at home, keeping the runner at third. So now Kevin Mench is up, he already hit a home run that night (and the previous 6). Wickman worked it to a full count (at this point I'm convinced he did this purely for dramatic effect) and got Mench to pop up. So he had a runner in scoring position with no outs and didn't let him score. God damn man. God damn.

As for the draft, I was waiting to hear these words:

With the nineth pick in the 2006 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select Santonio Holmes, reciever, Ohio State University. Then Detroit would've burned (well, a pre-emptive burn, cause the city is going down if the Pistons make the finals). I would love to see Matt Millen's press conference, "Hey, we needed a slot guy who could return kicks and fumbles alot, Santonio fits our needs." Alas, it didn't happen.

However, at the time I'm writing this, the Browns have made two picks and two trades. They traded down one spot with Balti-less (from 12 to 13) for an additional 6th round pick. With the 12th pick the grabbed Kamerion Wimbley, a tweener linebacker/defensive end from Florida State. From what I can tell, people like this pick, so I like it as well. The Browns needed linebackers. They needed 'em so bad they picked D'Qwell Jackson with the 34th pick in the second round. The Browns did have the 43rd pick at the start of the day, but they traded 43 and Jeff Faine to New Orleans for the 34th. I'll take that. Faine wasn't going to start here anyways PLUS we got a guy name D'Qwell. I never even knew that name even existed, now there's one on the Browns.

This weekend rules.

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