Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wizards complain about the Refs

I for one am shocked.

Look, the Wizards have no one to blame but themselves, they threw the awful pass that went straight to Flip Murray.

Plus, the refs could've easily called a charge on Gilbert Arenas, instead of an and-one block on LeBron. Oh year, Michael Ruffin hacked the shit out of LeBron. And Anderson Varejao got a really weak flagrant foul vs Jamison (especially conisdering when LeBron got decked there weren't any flagrants called). Z got some really weak calls against him as well (his second foul sticks out in particular).

This is kinda new territory for me here, Cleveland NEVER gets calls (and it wasn't exactly one sided last night) and Cleveland always has second tier stars. We have Mark Price and Brad Daugherty, Albert Belle and Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez and Kenny Lofton; these guys are all-stars (some were perenial) but they weren't the superstars they went up against. The Cavs were always in the Bulls shadow while the Tribe were always behind the Yankees and Red Sox (Pedro and Nomar always killed us).

Seeing a team bitch about CLEVELAND getting calls just boggles my mind. Fuck you Washington, we get to see Jordan's shot on that damn Gatorade commercial, it's about time for a call to go our way.

Finally, here's what the Daily Dime has to say about that last play:
Oh, and that final play in which he scored the winning basket? Six violations, by one observer's TiVO count (three fouls on the Wizards, three traveling violations on LeBron). If memory serves, MJ may have committed a violation or three on winning hoops back in the day.
I just hope this doesn't turn into an Ohio State-Miami Situation. Everyone bitches about the pass interference (it wasn't a pass interference, it was a hold, but the penalty was the same), they always show the end of that play, never the foul. I hope this isn't going to be a play where everyone remember LeBron's travel but not the hacking.

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