Sunday, April 23, 2006

LeBron kicks ASS

By now you know that James is the first player to debute in the playoffs with a triple double since Magic Johnson. Chris Mannix has a nice rundown on why LeBron kicks ass, but I wanted to comment on his 'game notes' section, specifically this:

Cleveland's staunch refusal to take advantage of Ilgauskas in the post is baffling. Ilgauskas had only seven field-goal attempts while having his number called on the low block only a handful of times. "They ought to dump it down to him every time," says one playoff participant not involved with this series. "It's crazy, the guy can score from anywhere and they just won't give it to him."

I don't know whats up with this either. One play they should run 1,000,000 times a game is a LeBron-Z pick and roll/fade. Z is money from the pick and fade; I never understand why when the Cavs get in a scoring drought, why they don't run this, from 12 feet out it is basically a layup for Z. Instead they'll shoot ill-advised jumpers or try to take a team by themselves (LeBron included on this). A lot of Cavs fans don't think Z is that good or a good fit for this team, and I keep saying this: If you want to advance deep into the playoffs (this year, next year, whenever) you NEED a post player. NEED. And Z is the best one on the Cavaliers. Every championship team had at least a above average/borderline all-star center (except Jordan and the Bulls, but I like to point out he is the exception that proves the rule, and also, Jordan was a monster in the post). The Piston's have Rasheed and they had Lambieer. The Spurs have Duncan. Lakers had Shaq and Kareem. Rockets had Hakeem. Celtics had Parish, Russell. The old Blazers had Bill Walton. Old sixer teams has Moses Malone.

Z still needs to become a better passer out of the post, I understand that. But part of the problem is that he doesn't get the ball on a consitent basis. If he knew that the team would get him the ball more, I believe he'd be much more willing to pass it back out once he recieves it. It's a chicken/egg scenario.

Anyway, if the Cavs are gonna move on the in playoffs, Z is going to need to be a big part of it.


coach said...

Z is not the big man that the Cavs need. If Cleveland wants to win the NBA trophy , it needs a tougher center.Trade Z .

Ben said...

ah, but this is the problem. Plain Dealer columnist Roger Brown kept saying the same thing, Z isn't the right fit, they need a Ben Wallace type center. Please show me the center the Cavs can get.

They could've overpaid for Eddie Curry last summer, was he the fit? Am I saying Z is spectacular, not in the least, but there are only so many big men out there. And the Cavs have a decent one.

As for his toughness, I'm sure I would've taken the money and retired after my second foot operation.