Sunday, April 30, 2006


Bullshit. That's all I have to say.

Well, not really but here are some random thoughts:

Um, I thought LeBron was supposed to get preferential calls? After reading roughly 24643 stories about how LeBron travelled, LeBron got called for 4 offensive fouls. 4. This is after 2 offensive fouls in game 2, which basically took LeBron out of the game. Bull-fucking-shit. Especially when Arenas' go-to move is drive the lane and jump into a guy, repeat.

Jared Jefferies 8 FTA. LeBron James 7 FTA. Really, Jefferies was fouled more than James? Again, bullshit.

The Wizards are bitches. Not only were we treated to the requisite LeBron-gets-all-the-calls stories yesterday and today, but everytime the call didn't go their way, every fucking time, the Wizards threw a God damn hissy fit. According to the Wizards, they didn't commit a foul or turnover all game. Jesus Christ, could ya T up a guy please? They bitch more than my ex-wife.*

What the fuck happened at halftime? Did someones mother die while the Cavs were in the locker room? Cause they came out not wanting to win that game. It's as if they thought, "Well, we won last game and we got a lead at halftime, our work is done, the Wizards are just going to roll over now." Pathetic. Again, I'll never understand why, when the Cavs are having trouble scoring, they won't run a pick-and-fade with LeBron and Z. Anyone? Bueller?

I thought you were supposed to play well during your playoff contract push. As far as I can tell, Drew Gooden showed up for one game. He does these "powerful rebound grab" things, where he'll grab the ball in one hand and bring his other one up to the ball and powerfully slam the ball. These look kinda cool, "wow, look how strong that guy is" but it bit him in the ass tonight. He was all alone under the hoop for a rebound, and he messed up the ball slam part, and knocked the ball out of bounds. Well done. He also missed a dunk which led to a run out which led to a Larry Hughes foul. Thanks buddy.

Drive the ball please. This isn't totally the Cavs fault. LeBron tries to drive, but the refs keep giving the Wizards the charge call, so it makes it kinda hard. But still, the only Wizards big man is Brenda Heywood. Come on! Take it to her/him. But that doesn't forgive the constant jumpshooting. Snow airballed one, Marshall took some bricks, Murray and Hughes each lofted their own clunkers and even LeBron fell in love with his shot.

Donyell Marshall: wha'appened? If anyone see's Donyell Marshall, let him know the playoffs have more than one game.

Learn where the charge circle is. The Cavs were in position to take a ton of charges, but were negated due to the fact that they don't understand lines.

More Z please. He only got had seven FGA, but it's probably around 10 since he got 6 FTA. Z can take Brenda. He's been passing out of the double teams. He shoots better than Larry Hughes, Flip Murray, Eric Snow, Drew Gooden, Donyell Marshall and Anderson Varejao. He was 5-7 tonight, took some big charges and got 4 blocks. At least he is giving a shit. Snow was 0-5, Hughes 3-7 and Marshall 1-6, completely unacceptable.

I hate Caron Butler. I'm not sure why, maybe its because everytime he scores he showboats LeBron, OR the fact that he looks like a raptor, I dunno. But he's really annoying.

34-21. The Cavs fouled 13 more times than the Wizards, mostly because LeBron gets all the calls. Makes sense to me. You could call a foul everytime LeBron drive the lane (they do for Arenas). 7 FTA for LeBron? Really? Riiiight. Arenas had 17 FTA. If I ever hear that Arenas gets no respect again, I'm gonna blow a gasket.

Dear Santa, please send coach Brown an offensive game plan. I like how they start the games/half with a set play for Z. Thats nice. I dislike when Flip Murray/Eric Snow/Larry Hughes dribbles for 12 seconds and shoots a jumper. I even dislike it when LeBron does it (but not as much, I mean, he is LeBron). But the Cavs will go large chunks of games where neither LeBron nor Z is shooting the ball. This has to change. I've heard Terry Pluto float the idea of an offensive coordinator, and I like it. But for the rest of the series... the Wizards suck at defense, they have no big men, if you shoot one-on-one jumpshots you're helping them out.

Which Cavs team shows up for game 5? The team that played balanced ball the first half? Or that shitty jumpshooting team that came out of the locker room? The Cavs are at their best when they play team ball, not when LeBron has to do everything.

* I don't have an ex-wife. I have a dead wife.

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