Friday, April 28, 2006

Kobe vs LeBron

Obviously, I'm gonna lean toward the no-rape-charge Cleveland player, but Wilbon's column is a good one.

He doesn't rip LeBron for passing the ball and he correctly points out that Jordan became "Jordan" once he learned to trust his teammates.

Wilbon picks Kobe right now (and actually, I would too*) but it is close. But we forget that Kobe is in year 10 and LeBron in year 3. That's scary. I really have nothing to add about the column, except that I recomend reading it, it breaks down the players pretty well.

*Kobe plays great on the ball defense, LeBron is really good off the ball as a roving/stealing guy. Kobe's on the ball defense is one of the best in the NBA.

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