Friday, April 14, 2006

Cavs vs Knick

Last nights win over the Knicks was nice for a couple of reasons. First, the team showed that they could at least win a game without LeBron. Sure it was at home vs the Knicks, but I think team pyche would've been just a tad if they couldn't even win that game. Larry Hughes made some nice steals and big plays while Flip Murray hit another cold-blooded three. Murray seems like he doesn't do shit during the first 3 quarters, then nails a dagger late in the game. He is nothing else but clutch.

Second, the team showed gut by coming from behind yet again. Yea, it's without Bron Bron, ya it's a meaningless game late season vs the Knicks. But to still not give up, that shows a lot of heart. I said the same thing the last time the Cavs played the Knicks (and lost). They were down 19 points, it was the fourth game in five nights and the second night of a back to backer, they could've just folded. But they didn't. Sure they shouldn't have been in that position in the first place, but they could thrown in the towel and rested up for New Jersey. But they didn't, they stormed back, tied the game and had a chance to win it at the end. They got heart.

Finally, its nice not to have the season series vs the Knicks swept. The Cavs came in 0-2 vs New York, who is quite possibly the worst team in the league. Sometimes certain teams just give you trouble, Detroit is 0-2 vs Utah, I just can't explain it. The only team in the league that the Cavs haven't beaten is the Golden State Warriors. That is it. That's pretty nice. At least they weren't a 48 win team with 3 losses to New York.

Plus, the Cavs game was a nice highlight for Cleveland fans last night, especially after the Tribe bullpen imploded vs Seattle.

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