Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Cavaliers are Growing Playoff Beards

And I couldn't be happier. This article starts off with this gem:
The facial forest of Zydrunas Ilgauskas is magnificent not only in its splendor, but also its strategic design.

``I'll keep growing it for the playoffs,'' Ilgauskas said. ``The beard is part of the body and any contact should be a foul.''

and just gets better:

``It's an open invitation from the Cavs and LeBron James,'' the team's superstar said. ``If anyone wants to grow one, you can join the club.''


James might be the face of the Cavs, but Ilgauskas is the inspiration behind Team Stubble. The Lithuanian can go from peach fuzz to Abe Lincoln in hours.

Others have followed Ilgauskas' lead, including Cavs' medical and equipment personnel. James raises doubts whether Donyell Marshall and the baby-faced Eric Snow have the whiskers to play along.

Then, there is the curious case of Anderson Varejao.

``Andy can't grow hair anywhere except his head,'' Ilgauskas said.

Perhaps too much information, but of course, there are no secrets at playoff time.

The article also has Bill Walton referencing Bob Dylan and someone calling George Steinbrenner a woman, what can I say, Happy Easter.

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