Sunday, April 30, 2006

Browns may trade for Joey Harrington

So says the Worldwide Leader

It would only be a fourth or fifth round pick, so it's not like the Browns are giving up much.

I'm not really sure how that would work, I thought he went to the Dolphins somehow, but what do I know.

What would really crack me up is if Harrington kicked ass in Cleveland. He is a classic change-of-scenery guy, no one in Detroit trusts him at all (fans, management, teammates) a new start could do him good. He could back up Frye and Dilfer in Cleveland, push Frye (and vica versa) and maybe get his confidence back.

Though, honestly, I hope he does well not for the Browns or the team, but just to spite my buddy Nick who is a huge Lions fan. If Harrington blows for four years there but 'figures it out' in Cleveland... man... that'd be sweet.

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