Friday, October 20, 2006

Pay No Attention to Charley Rosen


Erik has got a great post about basketball writer Charley Rosen. Basically, Rosen says that the Cavs are on a down swing and will need to be rebuilt in a year. I'll quote Erik, but you should really read the whole thing:
You can argue that the Cavs don't have all the right pieces. You can argue that they overachieved to get to Game 7 against the Pistons a year ago. You can argue that LeBron needs more help this season. You'd have valid arguments on all fronts.

But to argue that a 50-win team that was missing its second-leading scorer for almost 50 games last season, a team that needed stability more than anything else this summer and received it, needs to be imploded is just plain wrong.
Charley Rosen used to write about hte NBA for ESPN's page 2. Then, for some reason, he left ESPN and I really didn't care enough to search out his writing. I had no idea he was still writing about the NBA, at Fox Sports no less (also, Fox Sports still has a website? Who knew?)

I stopped reading Rosen awhile ago, why you ask? Because of this line:
A note to long-suffering Cavaliers' fans: Don't get caught in the LeBron James pipe dream. The best King James can ever be is an average NBA player.
Honestly, how fucking wrong can you be? There's Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan wrong. There's "let's trade Ron Harper for Danny 'the next Larry Bird' Ferry" wrong. There's Dick Cheney "they'll greet us a liberators" wrong. There's the guy who passed on the Beatles because "guitar groups are on the way out" wrong. But this is "I get paid to write about the NBA and I think LeBron James sucks" wrong. I'm supposed to take his opinion seriously? Really? I think I figured out why he no longer writes for the world wide leader.
This guy has had it out for LeBron since the beginning and he hasn't seem to let up. The quote above is just a blurb from in an article about the East, he actually wrote an entire "LeBron will only be an average NBA player" column, but for the life of me, I cannot find it (My thoughta? ESPN made 'em hard to find out of embarrassment).

Am I surprised that he's still ripping the Cavs? Not in the least. But I am surprised that someone still pays him to write about basketball.


cactus chris said...

charlie rosen is a douche. i've read some of his stuff on fox sports before, and he never has anything good to say about anybody.

Erik said...

Actually, we should hope Rosen continues to bash the Cavs, because every time he does, the exact opposite seems to happen.

Personally, I think Rosen has it in for the Cavs because he thinks LeBron is the epitome of what is wrong with the league. LeBron didn't have to claw his way up through the ranks, he was ordained "The Chosen One" at 17, he didn't go to college, started in the NBA from Day One and basically did everything against the grain of how they did it "back in the day."

So, in theory, Damon Jones or David Wesley should be Rosen's kind of player. But Rosen probably hates them, too.

Rosen is a crackpot. There's a reason why he's a "former" coach.

Ben said...

Former CBA coach.