Thursday, June 23, 2005

Game 7

Alright, the NBA Finals comes down to a do or die game 7 tonight.

I'm pickin the Spurs.

Though it's admittingly a weak pick. The Spurs have played like crap the past 4 games. The series could be over right now if Robert Horry didn't save their ass in game 5.

With that being said, I still believe it's San Antonio's series to lose. They're at home. They have the best player in the series with Duncan (and possibly second best in Manu).

If I'm a Spurs fan I'm looking for a few things this game: Bowen needs to guard Billups. Billups is having his way with Tony Parker and I think Billups should be the Spurs main focus on defense.

Duncan has to be more agressive. On offense and defense. Maybe Timmy's ankles are hurtin, I don't know. But as Jess said yesterday, Duncan is playing too much like Garnett, and not enough like Duncan. Stop giving up the ball, establish yourself. Duncan is the best player on court and he has to realize he's going to be going to the foul line a ton tonight. So screw, you're gonna miss free throws. Who cares, keep goin to the line. Keep drawing fouls. If you're gonna miss 20, then miss 20. But aim for 40 attempts. Don't do any layup put backs, be agressive, as by buddy Muyi would say, "Dunk that shit!"

That being said, I believe Duncan does need to hit around 60% of his FT for the Spurs to win. The thing is he can't be apprehensive about going to the foul line.

As for Detroit, I would exploit the Billups/Parker matchup all day long, Parker can't stay with Chauncy on the block. Also, Rasheed seems to be having his way with Duncan on block as well (I think Duncan's ankles are in worse shape than he lets on). Exploit these matchups. Rasheed has baseline all night long; use it.

Also, for the love of all things holy: LAY OFF THE REFS. The Pistons bitch and wine more than any team I've ever seen, and they're the defending champs. It's amazing; Brown does it, the Wallace boys do it, every time out Rip is talkin to a ref. The Pistons are one of the most aggressive teams ever on defense, and they seemed genuinly shocked when they swing their arms and nail a guy, the wistle blows. All I know is, I'm getting sick of seeing all the complaining.

My prediction for tonight: Spurs win, Duncan goes off for 35 and 17, the game comes down to the final 2 minutes (if not the final seconds) and the score is somewhere in te 80s (I can't see these two teams scoring in the 90s on a game 7).

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