Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Stupid Liberal Media

This isn't too bad. But to me this is a case of 'the media definitely is NOT liberal'. On Yahoo.com's main page there is a link to the latest John Bolton news.

For those of you who don't know, Bolton is Bush's UN nominee and has said great stuff like if the UN lost the top ten floors nothing would happen. And how he hates the UN and it's useless.

Anyway Bush as had a hard time getting him a vote on the Senate floor. The Republicans don't have enough of a majority to just ignore the Democrats so the Democrats (and a few Republicans) are stalling the vote until they have all the information on Bolton.

Democrats are demanding that the White House release information they say is important to the Senate's review of his fitness for the job. They want to know whether Bolton, the top U.S. diplomat for arms control, misused intelligence and bullied analysts who did not conform to his hard-line views.
I think we can all agree that this is an important issue. But the White House won't release the documents and keep saying that the Democrats are obstructionists.

So whats the headline for the Bolton story? "Democrats playing politics with Bolton - White House. "

This confused the hell out of me. Where the Dems playing politics with Bolton AND the White House? Or did the White House says they were playing politics with Bolton. A better headline would be "White House: Dems playing politics with Bolton." That way, everyone knows what is going on.

If the media was liberal, you think they would try to portray the Dems in the best light possible. Like not trying to show them as obstructionists.

It's a small thing to be bitching about, but if you didn't click on the link, just read the headline, you could get the wrong impression.

Finally, Bolton sucks, he's not qualified, if he was he would've been confirmed by now. However, Bush my nominate him while Congress is in recess and they won't be able to revisit it until 2007 or something. So Bush may still get is way. We'll see.

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