Friday, June 24, 2005

Game 7

That was a fitting way to end the finals. A game that featured great (and I mean GREAT) defense, great coaching and timely offense.

Duncan made 5-6 free throws, scored 25 points and basically played like the hall of famer he is and winning his THIRD finals MVP.

Manu played well ( he coulda recieved the Fianls MVP also) scoring 23 points and having a huge impact on the crowd.

I also enjoyed how in the second half you could tell San Antonio made the right adjustments. The Pistons stopped getting penatration for easy Ben Wallace dunks and how Bruce Bowen guarded Billups down the stretch.

People will bitch how this finals didn't have the big names or the big market teams (kind of like the 97 World Series). Who cares? This (not all the games mind you) was a great basketball game. If you can't enjoy this kind of game, please never watch the NBA again. If you need stars who have felony records or sharpies don't watch. If you need the Lakers or the Knicks, don't watch (and you won't be, both those teams suck, and will continue to for quite some time).

Tim Duncan is probably the best power forward of all time. Better than Malone, better than Charles, than Hayes. The best. 3 titles. Malone may have more points over all, but Duncan has come through when it matters the most.

Now the season is over and I get to wait for Danny Ferry and Larry Brown to make their way to Cleveland. And I get to watch, helplessly in horror, at the moves Dan Gilbert makes this offseason (the most important in the Cavaliers history).

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