Monday, June 27, 2005

The Nats

Major League Baseball still owns the former Expos and is currently trying to sell them to an ownership group.

George Soros is a billionaire who donated a ton of money to democratic causes during the last election. He just joined an ownership group looking to buy the team.

Well, Republicans in Congress got pissed off and told the MLB that they shouldn't do busisness with Soros.

First of all, I think the Republicans are dumbfounded by Soros. Here's a really, really rich guy who doesn't give money to the Republicans. He gives it to LIBERALS. It doesn't add up. Rich people love President Bush, big business loves President Bush. How can this insanely rich guy not?!

As for their claims that they just don't want MLB mixed up in politics... I don't buy it. Rupert Murdoch owned (if not still owns) the Los Angeles Dodgers. Murdoch owns Fox News (among other things) and donates heavily to Republicans. Oh, and didn't our fearless leader own the Texas Rangers? The Republicans didn't seem to mind those ownership groups...

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