Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NBA Thoughts

The Cavs seem to be looking to trade into the draft tonight, possibly trading Jiri Welsch. I've heard second round pick for Welsch, which would be great, because the Cavs traded a first round pick for him 5 months ago. Great job guys!

The same article has new GM Danny Ferry saying he wants to keep Z. Hooray! Someone who gets it, you don't just let go of talented big men. It seems Z is lookin for a 5 year deal and the Cavs were offering 3 during the year. Lets hope they get a deal done that helps both sides.

If the Cavs do get into the draft (and hopefully the first round), I would go after a point guard. This is an extremely deep draft for point guards and the Cavs are definitely in the market for one. Draft a guy who can come off the bench this year (back up Snow) and in a few years be the starter. The guy I got my eyes on is Jarrett Jack of Georgia Tech. They could get him in the late teens or early twenties. The last time they got a point guard from GT he worked out okay for them.

Pluto talks about how both Ferry and Brown will be better because Larry Brown won't be coming aboard.

Bill Simmons has the top 60 memorable moments from the NBA draft. Simmons draft columns are always quality.

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