Friday, June 03, 2005

More Larry Brown

Ian Thomsen of SI says Brown should renounce his interest in the Cavs, beacuse his legacy will be ruined:
For Brown this is a Scottie Pippen moment. In spite of his six NBA championships, Pippen is still defined by the reckless tantrum he threw in the 1994 playoffs when coach Phil Jackson assigned the last shot to Toni Kukoc, who sank the game-winner while Pippen sulked on the bench. Brown is now facing the same kind of career-defining label. This is a sacred time for his Pistons, and he's screwing it up. I appreciate that serious health issues may prevent Brown from coaching next season, but there is no excuse for plotting with a rival while his current team is trying to win at the highest level.

I agree, Brown will (does) look terrible for exploring other jobs while he is still in the playoffs with the Pistons. Plus, if Larry Brown is going to be with the Cavaliers, I'd like to be as a coach, not a GM.

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