Friday, June 03, 2005

More Keith, More Questions


Mark Felt was the operational director of the Bureau. His new boss, L. Patrick Gray, was busy “twisting slowly, slowly in the wind.” Are we to assume that every day of the year beginning on June 19, 1972, Mark Felt made at least one check of Bob Woodward’s apartment balcony to see if there was a red flag in an empty flower pot that had been moved to a precise location outside Woodward’s apartment?

Mark Felt had people to do that stuff for him.


A 25-year veteran of the FBI, its operational chief, an imposing man with a great unforgettable shock of white hair, looking surprisingly like the actor Andrew Morton (he played the Russian symphony conductor in the movie “Bye Bye Birdie”), who is now involved in the most important running news leak of the generation, and he’s taking the chance to personally purloin your copy of the newspaper before sunrise, open it up, write in it, and put it back?

He had accomplices.


When Winston Churchill was out of power in England in the 1930’s, he had a network of key sympathizers within the British military who, like he, understood that Hitler was not abiding by the terms of the Versailles treaty, and was, in fact, “rearming like a madman.” As Churchill’s authoritative biographer Martin Gilbert recounts, not only did they pass as much data to Churchill as they could, but some of them found, to their own surprise and relief, that their colleagues were also passing data to them knowing full well it would wind up in Churchill’s hands.

Hooray! Someone is asking questions! If you really look at it, Mark Felt doesn't completely add up, so instead of bashing him (Nixon lovers) or praising him (Nixon haters), Olbermann justs asks questions. And is more interesting for it.

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