Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hockey Update

FYI - We Won, 4-3. It was awesome, we started the game with a Crew shift (Nick, Andrew, Steve, Gilmore and myself) and ended it with a Crew shift (Nick, Andrew, Steve, Gilmore and Vik).

This was probably D-League title I relish most (of the 2 I have and the 3 our house has total) because we didn't have the best team this time. To say our goalie left something to be desired is an understatement. We had to win our final regular season game just to make the postseason (which we never had to do before). Our last regular season game we were diving around and playing all out it. It was great.

The championship game last night was much more meaningful, to me at least, because this was our last game together, the bulk of our house is graduating, going out on a win is the most you can ask for.

Actually, you can ask for more: our house scored all four of our goals. Andrew had two, Nick had one and Gilmore had a behind the back shot that ridonkulous. Of a game full of great defense, I believe (to make up for some fuckup clears I had) I had the defensive play of the game when I layed out in front of the net and stretch my stick across the ice and deflected a shot (that would've gone in, according to Gilmas) over the goal. Me and Steve were on the ice the whole game (I don't mean we were out there the entire game, I mean we were diving all over the place, and Steve was doing his one knee spin move). Scott had a illegal hand pass/clear in front of our net that wasn't called. It was sweet. Ben and Vik had too many clutch clears to count.

Our team photos (and our fans) will be posted at shortly

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