Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bud Shaw really likes Charlie Frye

He really does:

The Browns were listless against New Orleans, clueless against Cincinnati. So long as the quarterback can remember his name without a cut man administering smelling salts, the competitive gut-wrencher must qualify as improvement.

Long-range success for the Browns is still a crapshoot. But it isn't a matter of finding a quarterback. They have found one.

The whole column goes on like this. Don't get me wrong, I like Frye as well, but I feel like we're watching Couch all over again. Sure, I think he can be really good, and he shows signs. But how much can we really tell with him on his back more than Paris Hilton (HA!).

I really don't know how many wins the Browns are going to get this year (if you would've asked me after the Bengals game, I'd have said zero, but after the Ravens? Anywhere from four to six). But say they get a high draft pick, the only 'star' player I'd be looking at is Adrian Peterson (based on absolutely nothing, I'd say he'll be coming out this year). I'd pass on every QB out there and add Peterson to the mix of Winslow, Edwards and Frye. Then I'd use every other draft pick on linemen (offensive and defensive). (and if Peterson isn't there? Trade for more draft picks and draft more linemen!).

Is it stupid to be thinking about the 2007 draft in September? Probably, but hey, I'm a Cleveland fan. I've been looking forward to the Indians' 2007 since June.

Anyways, sorry for the light posting the past few days, my hard drive crapped out on me so I've been kind of busy with that. Plus there isn't much really going on anyway, Kellen Winslow hasn't called out any coaches this and the Indians are winding down their season (though C.C. did rock tonight). At least the Cavs start training camp in a week.

On a couple of personal notes: once the Cavs get going (and there's Cavs news to discuss) I'll begin writing over at realcavsfans.com. That should be fun, though I have to admit, I am a bit nervous.

Also, my final follow up for my March shoulder surgery this Friday (in Columbus). This means I'll be able to play basketball for the first time in 2006 (injury occured in a January hockey game). You really have no idea how much I've been looking forward to basketball.


Erik said...

Stay tuned for a blog post from me on this, but does anybody else look at the Browns and think that the offensive line is about five years too old for the rest of the offense?

You have a young quarterback, mostly young receivers, a pair of rookie running backs, and they are all being protected by a creaky offensive line of 30-somethings. If LeCharles Bentley were healthy, he'd be the baby of the bunch at 26.

Even if these guys stay together for a few years, what are the odds they'll stay healthy enough to build any lasting cohesion?

Ben said...

Since the Browns came back I've been telling anyone who would listen to me that the Browns need to draft linemen.

They've had this problem since they've been back. They ruined Tim Couch's career because of it, they haven't had a running game and we wonder why this team doesn't improve. (And I'm not saying Couch was all that great, but how could anyone really tell?)

(I'll never forget a CBS announcer praising Ross Verba's 'heads up play' when he grabbed a fumble by Couch. Nevermind that Verba's guy sacked Couch and caused the fumble..)

I remember Terry Pluto being so happy that the Browns signed Joe Andruzzi. Why was he happy? They signed a guard to play guard. Let's think about that.

We are congratulating the GM because he signed a (mediocre) lineman to play his position, instead of the stop gap shit they've been doing (moving guards to play center and tackle).

Ya, it was a step in the right direction but it wasn't enough.

Ya, offensive linemen aren't sexy picks like wideouts, qbs and running backs. But it's time to bite the bullet and shore up the trenches.

And you're right. But I would go further, the entire team if full of youth. Sure, there's veterns in some spots, but the secondary is young, the linebackers are young, the skill offensive positions are young, but the offensive line? Not so much.