Monday, September 11, 2006

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

Sorry for the light posting, I made the (seemingly weekly) trek down to Columbus to watch the OSU game in a Buckeye's natural habitat.

1. I'm getting sick of Colt McCoy. I really enjoyed how all the focus was on OSU's defense and their loss of 235 starters. But hey, starting a freshman at QB vs the number team at night wouldn't be an issue. Also, I hate Mark May (lower right).

2. I think Tressel and Smith know they have a shot to win it all. They seem very focussed to me. I think Smith's whole "It's not about revenge, every game is nice" speaks volumes about this team.

3. I was surprised that Smith didn't run more. Maybe he's working on his pro-prospects, or maybe they know that the offense is stacked with so many weapons that he doesn't have to run. But I really thought that Smith was going run a lot more on Saturday night.

4. I haven't been paying attention, but is Mac Brown the first coach to blame the loss on the new rule changes? That didn't take long.

5. Welcome home Joe.

6. Going into this weekend, I was much more confident about the Browns chances than Ohio States. I really tried to not get worked up about the Texas game, cause I got burned pretty bad last year. But I figured the Browns had this one.

7. We had the Browns post game shows on the ride home from Columbus, and wow, people are mad at Maurice Carthon. Not that I can really blame them, wow that offense sucked. Speaking of...

8. What the hell was with people running sweeps on 3rd and 1. What the fuck? I saw Syracuse do it, Texas do it and then the Browns doing it. Why? You have to get 3 feet (or less) and you decide to run 15 feet? I don't get it. Texas especially; OSU had a rough time stopping the run early and instead of pounding it, they ran a sweep. I don't get it. If they just had more time...

9. I love that new Manning family commercial (check it to pancakes!) but I can't find it online for the life of me. However, I did find my all time favorite commercial, one of the early Tivo ads with Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott.

10. CNN called yesterday 9/11 eve. Awesome. So should kids stay up late and wait for Bin Laden? WTF? It's a fucking tragedy not a God damned holiday.

11. Happy Patriot Day.

12. You can watch CNN's origional coverage of 9/11 streamed online. Relive the magic? Watch it again, for the first time? Please. Though part of me wouldn't mind seeing it 'unfiltered' and 'unpoliticized', you know, hearing about and seeing the attacks without being told that if I disagree with Bush than I'm akin to a Nazi appeaser. But I know, 'never forget' right?

13. In the same breath, I've stayed away from the 9/11 movies, the theatrical ones and ABC's hatchet job. Am I putting my head in the sand? I dunno, maybe, but I remember about every second from that day, I'd rather not revisit that just five years later.

14. My fantasy team sucked major ass this week. Just major. I do have Gates going tonight, but he'll have to catch about 4 TD and Quentin Jammer is going to have to force a few fumbles while racking up 24 tackles for me to even have a shot.

15. However, I did make it to week 2 in Survivor Football. I picked the Cardinals over the Niners and the game turned out to be much closer than it needed to.

16. David Ortiz is saying how Boston's record shouldn't impact his MVP chances. Tell that to Travis Hafner (who didn't even make the fucking All-Star team!). Thanks Ozzie Guillen.

17. Also, a belated fuck you to Ozzie for making people feel sorry for Jay Mariotti. I know this is late, but if you just called him a douchebag (instead of a fag), everyone would've been cool.

18. CC is an ace. I think if he got more strike outs he'd get much more press. But damn, he's good.

19. I saw Beerfest. I liked it. A lot. Surprise, surprise right? I think this was the first Broken Lizard movie I really loved the first time out. Don't get me wrong, I love both Super Troopers and Club Dread (everyone likes to point out it isn't as good as Super Troopers, so what? I'd rather watch Club Dread than You, Me and Dupree or The Break Up), but I got more out of them on repeat viewings.

20. Beerfest makes you want to drink. A lot. (Admittedly, so does Ohio State beating Texas).

21. Apparently it also makes you want to set fires. Sometimes man... Ohio State fans...

22. Back to the Browns. A lot of callers really were hating on Charlie Frye, which I didn't really get. I thought Frye made a lot of plays he had no business making. Frye hit Denis Northcutt on a third and long right on the numbers and Northcutt biffed it. And the last INT? Edwards takes the blame for that.

23. Can we engineer a trade sending Brett Favre to the Cowboys? Then ESPN could just move to Dallas. But seriously, the Packers suck and Drew Bledsoe blows. Get Favre out of there and let Owens play with Favre (who is better than McNabb, remember?).

24. I believe Peter King's MMQB should be required reading every Monday. And yes, I even enjoy his takes on non-football things.

25. I also believe Altercation should be required reading everyday. You may not agree with Eric Alterman's politics, but he prints letters from people who disagree with him and engages in a discussion. It's actually quite a novel idea. The reader letters can sometimes be the most insightful thing I'll read all week. And MSNBC, a key cog in the liberal media, is firing him. Believe what you will, but when you read Alterman, you can tell at least your reading someone thoughtful and intelligent. As of next Monday, his Altercation column can be found over at MediaMatters.

26. You see LeBron James on the sideline at the OSU-Texas game? He cannot wait to get the hell out of Ohio and to NYC.

27. Jesus, they couldn't even spell.

28. My head hurts.

29. Did Reuben Droughns look bad? Was it the line? Was it the play calling? I mean, I know the line was awful but Droughns didn't exactly make anyone miss. Also, I wouldn't have minded seeing Harrison out there a little more.

30. Is it sad that I'm really excited for Stewart and Colbert to return tonight? I mean, I really want see their thoughts on Ted Steven's hold and ABC's Republican commerical... er Path to 9/11. Also, I miss the On Notice Board.

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