Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Winslow goes off

I know we've all been waiting for it (though it's taken a few years) but Kellen Winlsow Jr (or as Papa Cass calls him "Mount St. Kellens") went off:

``I think some of the coaches might just be holding us back a little bit,'' Winslow said Monday at the end of the team's open locker room with the media.

Winslow, a tight end, spoke calmly and quietly, but his comments were pointed -- and might not sit well with offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon and coach Romeo Crennel.

``I don't mean to try to go behind their backs or whatever,'' Winslow said. ``But we're 0-and-2. We have nothing to lose. Let's go. Let's air it out. Let's run the ball. Let's make plays.

``Let's be exciting.''

Winslow said the Browns need to do a ``a better job of getting the ball in our playmakers' hands.''

``Basically that's it,'' he said. ``We got to execute, and when the ball comes, we got to make the play.''

Is it not in the game plan, he was asked?

``That's exactly what it is,'' Winslow said. ``I think we're being a little too conservative right now. We just need to unleash it. You know, why wait? It was a division game and we're 0-2, so we have nothing to lose.''

I like it, and I'll tell ya why.

This team has sucked for awhile. Sure, they made the playoffs one year, but they sucked then too. The offense looked bad, the defense looked bad, Ralph Brown looked (really really really) bad, and I'm glad someone spoke up and said things have to improve.

This wasn't Butch Davis making excuses or veterans trying to keep their jobs (Tom Reed brings up Jeff Garcia and Trent Dilfer). This was the one guy out there who looked like a honest to God NFL starter. Winslow wasn't dropping passes or screwing up, he looked like a guy that opposing teams actually have to game plan for; he's the one of two guys in that locker room (Leigh Bodden is the other, but he stays to himself) who have the talk the talk and back it up (and yes, I know Winslow has only played in 4 games, so what?).

I had Kenny Rhoda on yesterday afternoon, and surprise surprise, fans were calling in wanting Maurice Carthon's head. I know Carthon sucked last year, but Crennel wanted to bring him back. But if this season turns out like we all think it's going to turn out, Carthon won't be back next season. Rhoda brought up a decent point (for a Steeler fan): if the Browns offense stinks and the Browns are 0-5 heading into the bye week, why not dump Carthon then? You're going to have to install a new offense next year anyway, why not start then?

Anways, maybe Winslow's rant will jump start this team. I'm sure he's not the only guy in the locker room feeling this way; he's just the one with the balls (or stupidity) to say it.

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