Friday, September 01, 2006

The Sports Guy's Seal of Approval

I enjoyed today's Simmons article, but I had a chuckle when I read this about Madden '07:

And I want to hit guys after the whistle is blown -- they took that option away about 10 years ago and I never understood why. (Remember the year when you could knock someone out for the game after the whistle by cracking his leg, followed by Summerall saying, "Oh, no, there's a man down!" Those were the days.)

Ah, "There's a man down" one of my favorite lines, from anything. I bring out the gem all the time during football season, playing sports or just general conversation. I miss Summerall. "Interception".

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Cactus Chris said...

i also like the part in the madden bit where the players get suspensions for having marijuana, or getting stabbed with a steak knife by their wife. Havent we been advocating this for years? Go Bucks!!