Friday, September 22, 2006

So THIS is why Roger Brown likes John Kruk

A couple days ago Brown named his favorite announcers and the list went something like this:
Joe Morgan (ESPN): The no-nonsense Morgan remains the gold standard for baseball game analysts - he's insightful, informative and, at times, controversial.

John Kruk (ESPN): The "Baseball Tonight" studio personality clearly does his homework - he has an impressive ability to dissect each team's strengths and weakness.

Tim McCarver (Fox): There's no denying McCarver's ability to combine baseball wisdom and wit - even if he's often guilty of talking too much.

Steve Phillips (ESPN): A former New York Mets general manager, Phillips is blunt and opinionated.

I still think he picked these guys because no one else likes them, you know, just to piss readers off. But I think I found a reason why he likes John Kruk:

During a recent ESPN "Baseball Tonight" broadcast, analyst John Kruk suggested the Indians were the majors' most disappointing team this season.

Brown never passes on a chance to take a shot at a Cleveland team, does he?

Now, I'm not saying the Indians aren't disapointing- they are. But most disappointing? How about the White Sox or Red Sox? Both teams were thought to be shoe-ins for the playoffs and both have had down years. The White Sox contended for a little while; but the Red Sox? They traded for Jason Johnson. Ouch.

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