Monday, September 04, 2006

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

Some random thoughts from this past weekend:

1. Ohio State looks good. NIU is one of the teams in the running for the MAC title, it's not like they beat a cupcake team.

2. But Texas sure did. The Mean Green? Really? 2-9 last year? I guess that counts as a 'tune up'

3. Troy Smith looked damn good. I believe he only ran once (on that busted option play). He looked great without running. So I'm wondering, do you think Tressel didn't want him to run for a reason? I mean, it could've been that Smith never really had to run, for example the pocket or coverage never forced him to. But there was almost no called runs. My theory? They didn't want to show off Smith's ability to run just give Texas a little surprise this week. Sure they've seen Smith before and seen him run, but not with this season's offense.

4. Every once in awhile I see something special and I think to myself, this is why I watch sports. Agassi's US Open run was breath taking. If you saw the end of his final match and your eyes stayed dry, then you officially have no soul. His tournament run was must see.

5. These kids are neat.

6. Was it just me, or did it feel weird to wake up on Sunday and not have the NFL on? After a Saturday spent drinking and watching the Buckeyes and "Saturday Night Football", waking up the next day and not being able to watch the Browns lose just didn't feel right. Which is why I can't wait for next weekend.

7. I showed this clip to my buddy, his reaction was, and I quote, "If anyone ever asks why they call Bruce Springsteen 'The Boss' all you have to do is show them this clip." Agreed.

8. Not enough people have seen the Steward/Colbert clip from the Emmys. So, here ya go.

9. David Wesley? I'm all for it, but now the Cavs have roughly 1,952 guards on their roster.

10. I don't really have a 10th point... it just felt weird to end on 9... but um... this group is run by a friend, take a look.

Update, I lied, I have more...

11. It's heartbreaking that Steve Irwin passed. The report I heard was that he died while filming. And I know, just know that it will show up on the internet at somepoint. And I feel sick about it.

12. I've been listening a lot to the new Outkast CD, Idlewild. And if you know me, you're aware that I don't listen to a whole lot of rap, and I don't even know if this CD even counts as rap. But I like it. A lot. I saw this song on Letterman and now I can't seem to stop listening to it.

13. I totally approve of this Bob Dylan iTunes commerical. I approve anything that turns more people on to Dylan. His new CD is an old timey delight.

14. Speaking of commercials, this Andy Roddick commercial is brilliant.

15. I've recently heard the new live album by Reel Big Fish. The reason why RBF is still around today is because of their live shows. They are fantastic. This CD, Our Live Album is Better Than Your Live Album is great. It's almost a 'Greatest Hits Live' cd. At the end of the day, RBF is frankly a really good, tight band. At the end of first disc they run through what their song "S.R." would sound like in different styles. They go through country western, to disco to garage/The Strokes type. Not only was it funny, it also showed how talented these guys are as musicians.

16. If ESPN is going this nuts over the Miami-FSU game (simultanious game feeds and something with Colin Cowherd), what are they gonna do next week for OSU-Texas. I know that Miami-Florida State is a big game and all, but it's still 11 vs 12. Next week is 1 vs 3 (or possibly 2), what are they gonna do then?

17. Venture Bros. made the newest Entertainment Weekly 'Must List' (its not posted online yet). I'm not exactly an EW reader, but I hope it brings more people to this awesome show. Sunday's episode (Fallen Arches) is online.

18. Don't play this drinking game. Wow.

19. I learned a good friend doesn't like pumpkin pie or stuffing. Now, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (as I wrote in The Lantern) and I don't know if I can be friends with someone who doesn't like stuffing and pumpkin pie. I don't know, I'm gonna need a lot of soul searching here. I mean... it's almost un-American. I think he may hate freedom.

20. I cannot wait for Saturday night.

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