Friday, September 15, 2006

Screw the 'Nati

With the Browns playing the Bengals and OSU taking on the Bearcats, it's basically Fuck Cincinnati Weekend up here in Cleveland.

Now, I hate the Bengals. I hate Bengal fans and I hated having to watch the Bengals last year in Columbus instead of the Browns. Ironically, the Dispatch said the Bengals games get about the same ratings as the Browns games (nice job boys, you're even with a team that considers 6-10 a good year, good fans).

But I do have a hard time hating Chad Johnson. The guy is kinda a dick but also pretty funny. His celebrations seem a lot less asshole-ish than TO and others. I dunno why, but it just is.

And before today, I didn't really have an opinion on Carson Palmer. I mean, he was good, I respected him for coming back from that injury and I give him props for saying he hated the Steelers, but he was Cinci's QB and that was that. However, today he was on Jim Rome and was asked about this weekends USC-Nebraska game said this about Nebraska (I'm paraphrasing, the interview isn't up on Rome's website yet), "I wasn't aware that they still had a football program".

Now I don't care who you are; that's awesome.

Though, an upset this weekend in Cinci would be pretty badass.

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