Monday, September 18, 2006

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

1. OSU looked damn good. Sure they were a bit slow out of the gate, but after Cinci's TD, OSU didn't let them smell another scoring chance.

2. Speaking of that TD, that drive had a lot of busted plays. Their QB scrambled for 20 yards and then scrambled and found a guy open. Not saying they didn't deserve the TD or anything, but not a lot of their designed plays really fooled the Buckeyes.

3. I learned something this weekend, I'd rather watch Notre Dame get blown out than watch a close LSU- Auburn game. That's just the way it is.

4. I hate ND even more for making me root for Michigan. I need a shower.

5. I hope Michigan continues their hot play, right until they visit the Horseshoe.

6. That loss could knock Quinn down a peg or two in the Heisman race. Troy Smith has to be the favorite right now.

7. I still can't get over that ND loss. It was a week after they ran up the score on Penn State. Not that I like PSU, but they were running fake punts while up by 20+ points. Assholes.

8. That OSU-Michigan game is going to start at 3:30 this year. That's the first time it hasn't been a noon game in... well... as far as I know this is the first time. The noon game forced the OSU kids to wake up early and drink (which we did). But with a 3:30 game, kids will be able to get up late and pound a few. That's gonna be a rowdy stadium.

9. They'd never do it, but if both teams are undefeated, make it a night game. Come on, you're telling me that wouldn't be a ratings bonanza? Last game of the year, OSU-Michigan undefeated at night?

10. I'd like to say good job to Texas for edging out Rice 52-7. North Texas, then OSU and now Rice. So one team that is good (and they are really good) and two really shitty teams. Well done, coach Brown, well done.

11. So lemme get this straight, the Indians lost 3 out of 4 to the Twins at home, and they only game they won was started by Fausto Carmona and against Johan Santana? WTF?

12. How bout those Browns? My God they looked awful. And I mean really awful. Not in the same class as the Bengals awful. Shouldn't be allowed to be in the league awful.

13. I figured the offense would stink early on, didn't we all? Frye's second season, Edwards and Winslow coming back from injuries and an injured O-line. But come on... where's Jerome Harrison? Where the hell are Winslow and Edwards?! They were catchless in the first quarter, and I don't think they were even thrown too.

14. These guys need to start catching the ball. Frye had another INT because some one (Droughns) let the ball bounce off his body. Awful.

15. Sure the Browns had 5 sacks on Palmer, but that looks better than it really was. He had all day to throw and just picked apart the secondary.

16. Leigh Bodden is good.

17. Baxter tries, but he's hurt. The safties did okay. The front 7? Not so much. Are the Browns paying Ted Washington in hamburgers? Cause if they are paying him in dollars they got a raw deal.

18. This season I've really enjoyed how after the Browns score, the opposing teams offense marches right down and gets those points back. The offense sucks, so when they do something positive, the defense can't just give it right back. And don't tell me how they're on the field all day. The Bengals first drive was sickening. I don't think they were stopped once. They didn't have an incomplete or a run less than 6 yards that drive. Awful.

19. When do the Cavs start?

20. Pre-season starts Oct. 10th. Whoo!

21. I don't know if I've mentioned this, ever, but Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip debutes tonight. Watch it. Please? This is all I ask.

22. I just finished the second season of The Sopranos, and hey, that show is pretty good. (I've never had HBO and we're finally starting watching the DVDs, I knew it was a good show, but damn. I think my next TV/DVD project is The Wire).

23. So if the Browns have a high draft pick, what do they do? Like say they get the #1 pick (and they look like they deserve it right now). What would you do? Do they take Quinn? I think that depends on how Frye looks the rest of this season. But part of me wouldn't mind them trading it (especially if they are #1 overall and teams want Quinn). The Browns (still) have a ton of holes. They need to pick some young linemen, on both sides of the ball. What's the use of drafting Quinn if they can't protect him? A trade that could net them a high first, a low first and second (with a pick for next year) could set this team on the right path.

24. Why do I think they'll get the #1 pick? Well, from the looks of it, they aren't going to win a division game this year. Anyone feel comfortable facing Balti-less next week? They also play at Atlanta, San Diego and Carolina.... They have home games versus Denver, the Jets and KC (and none of those are sure things). They do play at Oakland and end the season at Houston. Those are winnable. And they have Tampa Bay at home, a game they might actually be favored to win.

25. I was hoping for a 6-10 season, 7-9 would be nice and 8-8 would've been amazing. Now I'm looking for them to finish with 4 wins. Ugh.

26. LeBron is going to be on Letterman this Friday. Set the Tivo.

27. MMQB

28. Today Roger Brown (I know, I know, I should ignore him, but I can't) called Joe Morgan the gold standard in baseball analysts... number 2? Jon Kruk. I believe Kruk predicted that Randy Johnson was going to get 30 wins last season. These guys are awful.

29. I took an easy pick in survivor this week, Indy vs Houston. I know, I know, I probably wasted Indy too early, but the only game I was fully comfortable with was Cinccinati vs Cleveland and I wasn't going to pick against the Browns. Not this early...

30. I'm up 2 points in my fantasy matchup tonight, I have Joey Porter and Jeff Reed going tonight, while my opponent has Matt Jones... it's gonna be close.


Erik said...

Gah, No! Not Brady Quinn. If the Browns are bad enough to take the first overall pick, trade it. Please! Quinn is what I'd imagine a member of *NSYNC being like as an NFL quarterback. An even more pretty-boy version of Matt Leinart, without the size or arm strength. He looked overrated against Michigan. Ohio State took him behind the tool shed in the Fiesta Bowl.

Plus, every time he sees A.J. Hawk, Hawk can tell him, "I fucked your sister last night." And he'll mean it. And Quinn has to smile and take it. Every time.

Can you imagine what would happen if the Browns drafted Quinn and they played the Packers? Hawk would toss aside whatever sack of potatoes was posing as a Browns offensive lineman, get a good running start and plant Quinn's teen-idol face right in the dirt.

"Dude, I fucked your sister again last night," he'll say as he stands up. "It was great. I'm going to fuck her again tonight."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir," Quinn would say between gasps for air.

I don't want a quarterback like that.

Ben said...

Do you realize that this Hawk-Quinn storyline is going to be around (assuming both players 'make it') for the next 10 years?

Whenever Quinn plays the Packers its always going to be brought up. Whenever Hawk sacks him, it'll be brought up...

And there's no going back, say Hawk gets divorced for whatever reason... now it's "former brothers in-law AJ Hawk and Brady Quinn.."

I'm sick just thinkin about it

cactus chris said...

are you saying a fantasy win for you is a cinch? why you gotta hate like that man, i got brian westbrook, brian motherf-ing westbrook in the 2nd round.
I bet against the browns for survivor, and i'll let you know why, because if cincy won, then its like well the browns lost, but atleast i'm advancing in survivor. If cleveland won, its like hey i'm out but atleast the brownies get a w.

Ben said...

dude, no way am i saying this win is a cinch.., one TD by Jones (plus some recieving yards) and you'll probably win