Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Biggest. Trade. Ever.

13 players. 5 teams.

Miami ends up with: Antoine Walker, James Posey, Jay Williams, Andre Emmet and the draft rights to Roberto Duenas.
Memphis gets: Eddie Jones and Raul Lopez.
Utah gets reunited with: Greg Ostertag (who had gotten to Memphis in the Bonzi Wells-Bobby Jackson deal).
Boston lands: Curtis Borchardt, Qyntel Woods, the draft rights to Spanish center Albert Miralles, 2 second round draft picks and cash (from Miami).
New Orleans got: Rasual Butler and Kirk Snyder.

So lets see who wins this with this deal.... well, Miami seems to be getting starters at point guard and small forward with Williams and Walker. With the re-siging of Udonis Haslem the Heats starting lineup could be Wade, Walker, Williams, Haslem and Shaq. Not too shabby.

Boston got a nice deal too, Woods can play, I'm sure about Borchardt or Miralles but 2 draft picks and cash ain't bad.

Memphis may have had enough with the trouble makers in Williams and Wells and aquired some vetern help for Paul Gasol with Eddie Jones and Bobby Jackson.

New Orleans and Utah didn't really do much. Though with Ostertag back in Utah, the world seems right again.

So in conclusions, Miami got all the talent here. The point guard, the forwards. Memphis and Boston did alright (Memphis seemed more like addition by subtraction to me) and Utah and New Orleans seemed to just be along for the ride.

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