Monday, August 01, 2005


After his recent run at 3000 hits there was a ton of talk about Rafael Palmeiro's hall of fame merits (Sports Guy, Bayless, Olney and Caple). That road just got a lot bumpier with the news that Palmeiro is suspended for violating the leagues steriod policy.

I am in the "Palmeiro is a really good player who played in a amazing offensive era but just misses the Hall of Fame" group with Simmons and Bayless (I agree with Skip Bayless.... shoot me).

Plus the allegations of steroid use from Canseco and now the positive test. That doesn't look good. And it looks like Canseco was right (he said he introduced Raffy to 'roids when they were in Texas together. Palmeiro's power numbers went up around the time Cansesco alleges he gave Palmeiro roids. Of course, he was maturing as a player and in Texas's hitters park/weather).

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