Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cleveland Fans

are a weird bunch. The Browns can suck for years, make dumb moves, increase ticket prices, have a crappy home record and STILL sell out every game.

The Tribe is in the top spot for the AL Wild Card (tied with the Yanks) and yet they average 24,037 fans. Well done Cleveland. At least we're beating Florida (hey Miami, you guy have a pretty good team too, support it), Kansas City and Tampa Bay... Well done guys.

Who's ahead of Cleveland, everyone else. Toronto? Check (we're losing to Canada, come on!). Baltiless? Check. Every (shitty) team in the NL West? Check.

Cleveland has that sellout streak from the mid-90s, but lets not start calling Tribe fans one of the best in baseball. I mean, this is a great, young exciting team and no one is showing up.

Now it is a different market, the Browns are back in town, the Cavs actually matter again (their attendence is okay too, not as high up as it should be) and that economy... well, that thing is kickin ass. So I understand why some people aren't showin up. But I'm gonna be heading home for a week or so between apartments and let me tell you this: I will be at the Jake watching good baseball. It a playoff race, every pitch matters, wake up Cleveland!

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