Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bud Shaw: Don't Rush Frye

I am a bit guilty on this myself, I've been hoping the Browns draft Frye for over a year and when he has played, he has played well. The only reason I watch the Browns preseason games is to see Frye in action.

Watching Frye conduct a go-ahead drive last night was fun to watch (which the defense promptly gave back). He passed for first downs, he ran for first down and he threw the ball away when appropriate. In short, he looked like an NFL quaterback.

People at the bar were loving Frye, for good reason, butI heard people saying how he should be starting this year.

I hope not.

The only way Frye should be playing this upcoming season is if the Browns are getting blown out and both Trent Dilfer and Doug Johnson are injured. Frye should have as much time to learn as possible and not thrown to the wolves right away. Look how what that did to Tim Couch.

I like Frye, I think he can be the Browns starting QB for many years, I just don't think it's this one.

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