Monday, August 01, 2005

No Tribe Trades

By not trading Wickman or Millwood, the Tribe announced that they were contenders says Bill Livingston.

I agree that the Indians are still in the race... however I thought that they could've traded Millwood and gotten the power hitter that even Livingston says they are missing.

By doing nothing at the trade deadline Sunday, the Indians said they are a contender.

Your joke goes here about a team with serious playoff aspirations hitting the power positions of first base, third base and right field at the bottom of the order. (If they could, of course, the Tribe would bat Casey Blake in so deep a hole that the game stories would be in Chinese.)

The biggest x-factor that Millwood can bring to the team down the stretch, as Livingston mentions, is to be a role model for the other pitchers, esp. CC.

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