Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Talks about Lance and juicing.

And why he doesn't believe Lance.

This is not a piece of pro-union dogma here. This is not a question of a guy crossing a picket line. This is a millionaire, being given a pass to work by a union full of guys making $7,000 a year, saying no, he wouldn’t do it -- and then going and doing it anyway. Even greed and self-interest here was acceptable -- but a pretense of self-sacrifice followed by greed, was not.

And that’s what Lance Armstrong did.

In point of fact, had he and Rafael Palmeiro wagged their fingers simultaneously before Congress last St. Patrick’s Day, and I had had to choose one and only one of them to believe, I would have taken Palmeiro.

I hope I’m damned wrong about Armstrong. I hope he’s just a louse, not a juiced louse. But since I already know he’s tested positive for lousehood, I’m afraid I have to prepare for the probability that he’s also tested positive for juicedhood.

I'll go a step further, when Lance was a nobody cancer surivor bike rider, he had a wife with 3 kids (I'm pretty sure it's 3 and I'm too lazy to look it up).

Lance wins a few Tours and becomes a celebrity and all of the sudden he's divorced from his nobody wife and is dating Sheryl Crow. That's pretty shady to me. But what do I know.

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