Monday, August 08, 2005

Tom Hamilton

I love listening to Cleveland baseball and basketball games on the radio. I think Joe Tait is one of the most underrated anouncers in the game and Tom Hamilton is equally impressive.

Hamilton can get pretty opinionated and isn't afriad to say what he means. Yesterday, when Yankees pitcher Al Leiter was pitching a shut out through 5 inning, Hamilton mused, "How in the world can AL LEITER be pitching a shut out."

I also agree with Roger Brown:

One reason why we love the blunt honesty of Indians radio announcer Tom Hamilton is that he doesn't spout opinions simply to appear opinionated. Usually when Hamilton makes a truly biting remark, it has some real relevance to what's happening on the field.

The latest example: During the ninth inning of the Indians' game Thursday against the New York Yankees, Hamilton erupted when home plate umpire Bob Davidson called an obvious strike as a ball on Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. Hamilton howled that Davidson was so in awe of the Yankees slugger that he "might as well ask Rodriguez for his autograph" while he was at bat.
Shortly after Hamilton's rant, Rodriguez hit a game-tying homer on a fat pitch by closer Bob Wickman -- one that Wickman almost was forced to make because of Davidson's previous call. Eventually, the Yankees won the game, which made Hamilton's criticism of Davidson even more relevant and legitimate.

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