Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Michael Finley Chooses....

the San Antonio Spurs?


From what I could tell, the sweepstakes were between either Phoenix or Miami... I figured the Spurs were long out of it. But it is a good fit for SA (I think he could've replaced Joe Johnson nicely with the Suns, but the whole Miami thing didn't make sense). He'll get to split time with Manu and Barry, but he may be a good sixth man fit for them. Added to the signing of Nick Van Excel, it looks like the Spurs will be scoring a bit more this year. The rich get richer.

Also, this means Damon Jones is probably going back to Miami. While the Cavs were waiting on Jones, Cavs target Dan Dickau signed with the Boston Celtics, making him the current token white Celtic player. Good for him.

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