Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cavs bits

Earl Watson is coming to visit the Cavaliers, but everything seems to be hanging on what Michael Finely does.

If the Heat sign him, it means they won't sign Damon Jones, and the Cavs will. If Finely goes to Chicago, Denver (the Sports Guys choice), San Antonio or anywhere else, the Heat will re-sign Jones.

So right now the Cavs are weighing their options with Dickau and Watson (personally, I'd choose Dickau).

In other rumors, Larry Brown really wants Eric Snow in New York, I've heard rumblings of this before, but this is the first time I actually believe it. The article says that the Knicks are turned by Snow's contract. I don't believe this, cause, earlier in the article, the Knicks were thinking about signing DeSagana Diop. So if they're going to throw money away at Diop, why not for a player who can play, like Snow.

There are also rumors that the Knicks are looking to trade Jamal Crawford, cause having TWO shoot first PGs on a roster doesn't exactly make for healthy basketball.

Crawford for Snow? Yes please.

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