Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mithras asks

Where are all the funny conservative bloggers? (hat tip atrios)

I find this very interesting and I really liked this particular point:
Is there a genetic link between humor and political outlook? Is there just some birth defect that prevents right-wingers from being funny? In my apology yesterday, I sarcastically asserted there was such a connection, but now I think I may have been right at that. Perhaps people who are born with a natural disposition to see the humor in life, and to be able to laugh at themselves, may develop a sense of empathy and compassion that leads them to liberalism. The key to successful humor, after all, is to be able to see things from other people's perspectives - a liberal trait that conservatives deride variously as "relativism" or "objectively pro-terrorist". So conservatives may have a genetic makeup that makes them less able to appreciate what's funny, and consequently take themselves very seriously and see the world as a dour, threatening place, with all these other people having a good time and laughing - sometimes at them. This explains a lot, I think, and deserves further research.
There is one point that could be missing, some liberals may not find conservatives funny and some conservatives may not find liberals funny. I'm not exactly a Blue Collar TV fan (though when I've seen Jeff Foxworthy talk about non-redneck stuff, I found him to be hilarious), but Drew Carey and Norm MacDonald stuff I do enjoy. Most of Dennis Miller's stuff I find funny too. So I don't think it's all liberals don't like conservative comics and vicaversa. And I'm sure if you ask a prominent conservative blog that they'd have a different list of funny liberal and conservative sites.

But I tend to agree (and not just limited to blogs), I see more liberal(ish) comics on TV than I do conservatives. However, that being said, there wasn't exactly a shortage of blowjob jokes during the Clinton years.

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