Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Beatle Song?

On the Beatles Anthology discs, George, Paul and Ringo worked on 3 John Lennon demos for the 3 Anthology sets.

Only two were released, 'Free As a Bird' and 'Real Love'.

'Free as a Bird' was okay in my opinion, but 'Real Love' sounds like a true blue Beatle song.

There's been rumors of a third song for awhile, I thought it was called 'Now and Then', but aparently it's called 'I Don't Want to Lose You'.

The conventional wisdom goes that the 'Threetles' could only tolorate being in the studio together for so much (mostly the underrrated George and Paul fights, which I believe is worse than the John and Paul riff). So the third song never got completed.

Now it seems McCartney wouldn't mind finishing the song and Yoko seems cool with that. Should they? I say yes because, well, anything that has 2 or more Beatles on it I will be purchasing. And there's a ton of people just like me, who are starving for anything Beatles.

Please remake this.

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