Saturday, May 20, 2006

Breathe, Breathe...

My God... I am still trying to process game 6.

Like, part of me is really pissed that they had a chance and they blew it. How many offensive rebounds that last mintue? 3? 4? 313? Damn.

I will say this, even though the Cavaliers lost, I'm pretty sure that was one of the best games I've ever seen. Wow. What a series.

And yes, part of me is mad that they had their best shot and blew it yesterday, but part of me is just kinda glad that this is a series. I wasn't really expecting 7 games out of this, especially not after that first game.

Also, this loss was not on par with any of the 'big' Cleveland losses of the past. This was a back and forth game all night and it's not like the Cavs actually blew the game. They didn't choke. Sure they made mistakes (they should've rebounded the ball at the end, Z sat too much in the second half, Varejao got some dumb fouls (he shoud've gotten those rebounds at the end), the Cavs should've called a timeout and LeBron should've shot the 3 himself) but none of these come close to Mesa throwing only fastballs or Byner fumbling; it is a tough loss but not a loss that deserves a name.

But I find it hard to really fault them for these mistakes. I've said it before, the Cavs are playing with house money. This is all gravy, the goals for this year were to make the playoffs and win a series. Mission accomplished.

What I am trying to say is this: don't get too bummed out about this loss. This has been a really fun ride so far, and contrary to what all the experts will say, this is not over. We've seen the Cavs win a big game in Detroit already, who says they can't do it again. Remember, the Cavs have the best player in this series. All the pressure is going to be on Detroit tomorrow; they'll be at home trying to avoid one of the worst upsets in NBA history. Flip Saunders will be coaching for his reputation. The Cavs should be playing loose and fun; they have nothing to lose. No one expected them to be in this situation, no one expects them to win in this situation.

Finally, I will say this: Last night, well, the whole series really, I've felt like I've been watching history. I think last night is one of those "Classic NBA Playoff Games," that was one for the ages. I mean, wow. This whole series has everything you want. If you can't watch these NBA playoffs (3 2nd round game 7s!!!) then the NBA just isn't for you, go watch NASCAR.

We are watching a superstar mature before our eyes. He's Cleveland's own, he very well could be better than Jordan. I mean, at 21, he leads this team to the brink of the Eastern Conference Finals, against the number 1 seed, in his VERY FIRST PLAYOFFS. This is awesome. Soak it up Cleveland.

I cannot wait until Sunday....

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